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Do you need help with the purchase or use of the products offered here? You will find instructions and help for the most frequently asked questions here.

If you are still stuck, you can contact our support team by email: support@auriculo.org

  • What do I need a customer account for and how can I create one?

    Your purchases are made available in your customer account in the COLLL shop. You can also download the invoices there.

    Your customer account is automatically created with your email address when you make your first purchase. After paying, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided, which contains the link to the product you have purchased. The first time you buy, you will be asked to enter a password. Then the customer account is ready.

    Your access data to the customer account are then always this password and your email address as the user name.

    Attention! Please always enter the email address via which you would like to receive the purchase confirmation!

  • Can I create a company account that can be used by multiple people?

    This is not provided at Elopage.

    It might work if you buy non-personalized products like e-books or courses without a certificate. But most of our products are online courses for which you get a personal certificate. This certificate can be issued only in the name of the account holder. It is better if each interested employee of a company creates his own customer account - with his own email address each, because at Elopage each email address can be used only once - it serves to identify the customer.. The company address can then always be specified as the billing address.

    If you want to purchase a course for an employee or colleague on your account, you can buy a voucher to the value of the desired course. Your colleague can then redeem it free of charge in their personal account.

  • Can I delete my customer account?

    Deleting the customer account is not possible. All transactions of purchases must be archived for tax reasons.

    However, you will not incur any costs for an inactive customer account.

  • How does the auriculo shop work and what can I buy there?

    In the auriculo shop, you can buy digital products that you can either download directly or access via the Internet. These are eBooks, online courses, webinars, tickets for events, certificates and software licences. The printed editions of the books are not sold via the auriculo shop. However, you will find links to partners where you can buy them.

    auriculo.org is a partner of colll.org and uses its Elopage shop system for the sale of online products.

  • How can I pay for my purchases?

    You can pay for your purchases via PayPal, credit card (Visa), Sofortüberweisung and prepayment.

    With prepayment, your purchase will be released when payment is received.

  • Where can I find my products purchased in the COLLL store?

    You can find all your purchases in your Elopage customer account. On the https://elopage.com/users/sign_in page, enter the email address you used to make the purchases and the password you set when you first logged in to the customer account. After that you will see all your purchases under the tab "COLLL". You can get to the individual products by clicking on the respective product graphic.

    If you have never logged into your customer account before, please read "Why do I need a customer account and how can I create one?".

  • How do I get the invoices for my purchases?

    Unfortunately, the bills are somewhat hidden at Elopage. You can find it in your Elopage buyer account when you call up the overview of your purchases in the navigation (-> Payments -> Orders). In the overview you will find three points on the far right of each line. If you click on it, a link will appear, which will take you to the details page of the purchase.

    On the detail page there is a blue arrow next to the heading Payment overview, with which you can open a table. There you will find the invoice number in the column on the far right. If you click on it, depending on the browser settings, the invoice opens as a PDF file in a new browser window or a download link to the PDF file.

    It is advisable to always download the invoice and print it from a PDF reader, because when printing directly from the browser window, the display can sometimes be shifted somewhat.

    No invoice will be issued for free products.

  • What can I do if the system does not accept my payment?

    When paying via PayPal, Visa card or Sofortüberweisung, a payment may not be accepted. This is not due to the online shop. The payments are processed by external service providers. The connection may be faulty or the conditions for secure payment may not currently exist.

    Please do not try to use the same payment method again and again. If there is a malfunction, it may take a while to resolve it.

    Please also check:

    • Do you have a daily limit for the payment method used (PayPal, Visa, Sofortüberweisung) that may have been exceeded?
    • Does your account have sufficient funds?
    • Have you used your credit card to buy similar products several times in a row? In this case, credit card companies sometimes block payment because they suspect abuse.

    If you have any problems with the payment, please contact the support (support@colll.org).

    Please note that we cannot make any changes to the payment system bookings.

  • How long will my purchases be available in my account?

    There are unlimited theme courses available.

    eBooks are available for download for one year after purchase.

    For online courses, the product description indicates how long the course is available to you. As a rule, this is up to one year after the purchase.

    Webinar access is available until the day of the webinar, for webinars with recording the availability lasts up to one year after purchase, unless otherwise stated in the product description.

    eTickets are available until the day of the event.

  • What are eBooks and how can I use them?

    eBooks are digital book editions that you get as PDF files. To read them, you need Acrobat reader or a similar programme suitable for PDF. After purchase, you can download the eBooks from your customer account and read them independently of the customer account on your device of choice at any time. Once you have downloaded the eBook and saved it on your computer, you can read it without any time restrictions. The download link in your Elopage account is available to them for up to one year after purchase.

  • Are there also print editions of the eBooks?

    In our Elopage shop we can only offer digital products such as eBooks. However, there is also a printed edition of some of the books in our range. In this case, you will find a link on the product page at auriculo.org (not at Elopage!) to a sales partner through whom you can obtain the print edition. Payment, invoicing and shipping are then handled completely by this partner.

  • I have downioaded en ebook to my local computer but cannot open it.

    The e-books are saved in PDF format and require a current reader that can open PDF files. We recommend the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which you can download free of charge from Adobe.

    Another possibility is that an error has occurred during the download and your file has arrived defective. Please try the download again.

    If everything does not help please contact support (support@auriculo.org).

  • Why can't I download the videos in the online courses I purchased?

    The videos are stored in a streaming format on Vimeo and have copy protection so they can only be played on the elopage.com site.

  • Why are the videos in the online courses sometimes blurred and pixelated?

    Our videos are all recorded and stored in optimum resolution. The videos are not stored on our server, but with the video hosting provider vimeo.com, which can guarantee high-performance and stable storage and provision of the videos.

    However, there are still the transmission paths between the provision of the video and you as the recipient, which can vary greatly in terms of performance and over which we have no influence. In the case of heavily frequented or slow transmission paths (e.g. mobile telephony or via WLAN), the video resolution is automatically reduced in order to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted. This can lead to pixelated and blurred images.

    In this case, try to select the setting yourself (on the cogwheel in the lower video bar). The optimum setting is 1080p.

  • What are online courses and how can I use them?

    Online courses consist of video lessons that are taken one after the other without being tied to fixed times. You can organize the course yourself. In addition to the videos, course materials are also available for download. At the end you can take an online exam. With some courses it is possible to get certification through a successfully passed exam.

    The courses are accessed via your customer account.

  • What are theme courses and how can I use them?

    Theme courses are online courses with one or more videoa, mostly explaining practical applications. You can watch the videos at any time and in any order.

    After purchase, you can access the theme courses through your customer account and watch the videos online as streaming. It is not possible to download the video files.

    The theme courses are available to you without a time limit. There is usually no certification or certificate of attendance for these courses

  • What are special courses?

    Special courses are online courses on a specific subject area with one or more videos and, if applicable, material for download. A certification and does not take place, but a certificate of attendance can be issued.

    After purchase, you can access the courses through your customer account and watch the videos online as streaming. It is not possible to download the video files. There may be a limit to how long you can access the courses.

  • What are eTickets and how can I use them?

    eTickets are tickets for events such as face-to-face seminars or congresses where you are on site. After purchasing, you can download and print out the eTicket in your customer account. At the event it will be shown as a confirmation of purchase.

  • What are webinars and how can I use them?

    Webinars are live training courses via the Internet! You can ask questions in the current class and discuss with the lecturer - just like at school - just from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer with a loudspeaker and microphone and internet access. When you book a webinar, you will receive a package consisting of several components: You will receive the access data to the webinar together with the purchase confirmation. After the webinar, its video recording will be made available to you so that you can watch everything again. Finally, you can download a personal confirmation of participation from your customer account. With some courses, you can take an exam at the end and thus obtain certification.

    Webinars may require you to install video conferencing software on your computer. Information on this can be found in the access data that you can find in the webinar package in your customer account.

  • How can I participate in an online course?

    If you have purchased an online course, you will find it in your Elopage customer account under purchases. Click on the product graphic to start the course.

    In the course you will find a menu with the individual chapters of the course. You will usually find an introductory text and downloadable material at the beginning. The following chapters contain the sequence of the course videos. You can watch the videos at any time according to your schedule and pause them at any time.

    Some courses have an exam with multiple-choice questions between the courses. The next chapter will be released when you have answered enough questions correctly. For some courses, the exam questions are at the end of the last lesson.

    If the course includes a certificate of attendance or training certificate, this will be delivered to you automatically after you have completed the last lesson and, if applicable, passed the exam. You will then find the certificate in your customer account and can download it from there.

    For some training packages consisting of several courses, you will receive a confirmation code at the end of each part of the course. These codes are then requested in an examination module as confirmation that you have completed all the required courses.

  • How long do I have to complete an online course?

    You can take as much time as you need. There is no deadline by which you have to complete the course.

  • How long after the purchase can I use an online course?

    There are no time limits for accessing our courses. Even after completing a course, you can watch the course videos again at any time. However, we reserve the right to change or delete courses. If there is accompanying material for the course, we therefore recommend downloading and archiving it.

  • How can I get my certificate?

    Many of our online courses include a certificate of attendance or a training certificate. You will receive a certificate of attendance when you purchase the course. You will receive a training certificate once you have completed and passed the relevant course exam. The certificates will then automatically appear in your Elopage customer account when you make a purchase.

    The certificates are always issued automatically in the name with which you have registered in your customer account. It is not possible to change this. If you wish to purchase a course for an employee on your account, please purchase a voucher to the value of the course, which your employee can then redeem free of charge on their personal account.

    You will receive the certificate as a PDF file for download. You can then print it out yourself.

  • How long is a certificate valid for?

    There are no fixed rules for this. If a certificate has a limited period of validity, this is normally noted there. The start of the validity period is then the issue date of the certificate.

  • How can I participate in the auriculo.org affiliate?

    With the Elopage affiliate program (publisher) you can offer the products from the auriculo.org store directly on your website and get a commission for it.

    If you are interested, please write an email to auriculo.org (info@auriculo.org). We will then arrange the conditions with you and send you an invitation mail. You then need to create a publisher account at Elopage (elopage.com), through which the affiliate links are generated and the commissions are settled, and accept the invitation via the link in the invitation mail.