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Auriculo Blog

In our blog you will find current announcements, specialist articles on auriculotherapy and reports from events.

New gold tip for point detection on the ear of humans and animals

The new gold tip from the manufacturer MKW Lasersystem GmbH has been on the market for a year and we have tested it.

Not only Nogier frequencies can be used in auriculotherapy.

In laser frequency therapy, the use of Nogier frequencies at points on the ear is one of many ways to optimize the effects of point stimulation. There is a good book on the subject of laser frequencies entitled „Laser-Frequenztherapie – Kompass und Methoden (Claudia Loyall, Tilman Fritsch, Anja Füchtenbusch), in which these possibilities are described.

Laser pens for ear acupuncture

We recommend professional laser pens for ear acupuncture, such as the Premio 23 Evo (Sedatelec) or the LA-X laser pen (MKW laser system). A laser pen can be used to treat acupuncture points, ear points, trigger points and pain points. They are an indispensable tool in ear acupuncture, where Nogier frequencies are also used.

Can ear acupuncture also be used on dogs?

Yes, it can. The points and zones that P. Nogier discovered for the human ear can be transferred to the dog's ear. The most important prerequisite for this is knowledge of the homologous structures in the dog's ear.