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Map of Ear Acupuncture for Dogs and Horses

Printed edition

Price incl. VAT: 48,00 €

Claudia Loyall, Anja Füchtenbusch

Printed edition

Price incl. VAT: 48,00 €

This wall chart of ear acupuncture/auriculotherapy for horses and dogs is based on the original cartographies of P. Nogier transposed to the horse or dog ear.

This underlying reference results in detailed and precise representation zones for the musculo-sceletal system, internal organs, endocrine system, and the peripheral and central nervous system.

Printed edition
DIN A 1,made of "indestructible" latex paper 180g/m2.
Available in German, English, French

Orders and shipping of the German map for shipping within the FRGs via:
Susanne SchatzTel: 0172 8089 113
E-Mail: SSchatz@gmx.de
Price: 48.- EUR incl VAT (plus shipping/packing costs 14.- EUR)

English and French ear map:
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German map, shipping to Switzerland
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TCM Laser Dörflinger
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German map, shipping to Austria
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