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The treasure of Nogier frequencies

Price incl. VAT: 96,00 €

Included: 2 tutorial videos of about 2 h 20 min duration each, 2 scripts
Level: Alle Level
Course type: Onlinekurs permanent
Duration: 4 h 45 min
Verification: Certificate of attendance

Price incl. VAT: 96,00 €

This online course is suitable for human and veterinary therapists alike. It consists of two parts of approximately equal length, between which you should allow yourself a few weeks to practice.

Part 1 (2h:30min)

Nogier frequencies are very strong universal frequencies with which alone you are already fully equipped in laser frequency therapy -  if you have understood them. If you fully grasp the exciting background of this frequency family, you can discover its rich application possibilities yourself and become independent of tabular assignments and "tips". You will also then recognize what great treasures Nogier frequencies are for the therapist.

The 7 Nogier frequencies are frequencies of embryological development. Resonance to these primary control frequencies remains throughout life. The resonance of Nogier frequencies with the various embryonic tissues also results in the resonance with the differentiated multiple tissues and structures of the developed body. Nogier frequencies are simple and ingenious.

The topics dealt with in this part include:
  • The principle of order of the Nogier frequency
  • How were Nogier frequencies discovered?
  • The 7 resonance spaces of Nogier frequencies and their applications
  • Can one do anyething "wrong" when choosing a Nogier frequency?
  • When to combine Nogier frequencies?

Part 2 (2h:11min)

The second part of our online course on Nogier frequencies deals with case studies and, additionally, with the higher frequencies F and G in more detail.
Using case studies we discuss the champions which are most likely to produce the best results in each individual case. In this way we also see how well we can find clarity and routine in the use of Nogier frequencies even without the pulse diagnosis / RAC. This approach offers many advantages and it can also help us tremendously if we want to work with the RAC later - both diagnostically and therapeutically.

Topics covered in this part include:

  • Case discussions from orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry, psychology
  • Examples of uses for the higher Nogier frequencies, especially F and G
  • Sources of error and interference "entrainment" and the use of multiple Nogier frequencies


The course includes an accompanying booklet and a course certificate